(message: Alexander hears someone coming.) (Gnomes: Five fierce guards of the isle we be! ''Watch for a foreign man,'' said he! With ears and nose, tongue, hands, and eyes. Its nature cannot be disguised. If man it be, then man it dies!) (Gnomes:  Trilly Dilly, use your hands. Is it beast, or is it man?) (Trilly Dilly pulls off his glove.) (He extends his hand...) (...and pokes Alexander.) (He then pulls his hand back...) (...and gives a ''thumbs-down'' gesture.)

(wait too long to give an item)

(Trilly Dilly: My hands know what the rest do not! A man is standing on this spot!)

(give the gnome the wrong item)

(message: Alexander holds the item out for the gnome with the massive hands.) (Trilly Dilly: My hands cannot be led astray. A man is here, that's plain as day!)

(He takes up his glove...) (...and puts it back on his hand.) (Gnomes: A man, a man, so say our hands! We act at the vizier's command!) (The gnomes swing Alexander by the arms and legs...) (...up...) (...out...) (...around...) (...and tossed through the air. ) (He goes flying out to the ocean...) (...and lands in the water...) (...with a splash.) (message: The gnomes toss Alexander too far out into the sea for him to get his footing! The currents drag him under!) (Alexander is lost under the waves.) (message: Guess those gnomes couldn't reach a con-SENSES!)

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