The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Updated: August 17th, 2003: Fixed the SQ4 mp3s so they're not clipped anymore, and added a new SQ4 death.

If you're a Space Quest fan that thinks finding all the ways of killing off Roger is half the fun of playing, you'll enjoy these "helpful and informative" pages.

Or, if you've just stumbled across this page, and have never played the games, you can find out what Space Quest is.

Once you've checked out the deaths you can vote in my poll for which game has your favorite deaths, and view the results. You can also tell me what your favorite individual death scenes are, which I'll post up here in the future if I get enough comments.

Finally, if you know of a way to kill off Roger that I missed, drop me a line at telling me what game, and how to do it.

Roger Wilco and co. and everything and everyone related to them belong to Sierra On-Line. Space Quest is a registered trademark of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

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