(message: Mugger: Say there, pal. It's come to my attention that you're in the market for some transportation.) (message: Mugger: I may be able to help. If you'll follow me, I'd like to show you a fine little piece of machinery that'll knock your eyes out.) (message: Mugger: Hold it right there, pal! This is a stick-up! I'll just relieve you of your cash, thank you very much.) (message: Mugger: 250 buckazoids? I guess it's better than nothing. Here, keep five for yourself. I gotta admit you look like you need it.) (message: Mugger: Well, you've got to be leaving now. Go straight back the way you came in. Deviate from that path and you're Grell kibble!) (The mugger shoots Roger.) (message: The mugger impresses upon you that he was quite serious.)

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