(Roger touches the pool of acid and his arm melts off.) (message: Mark: Well, Scott, it looks like Roger has done it again.) (message: Scott: It sure does, Mark. Let's run that one again with the aid of our new How-He-Blew-It Cam (TM) and Chalkboard (TM).) (message: Scott: I have to say that carefully, Mark. Every time we mention something with a trademark or copyright, the lawyers come out to feed.) (message: Scott: Now, this is where Roger makes the fatal move. image: Rewind to Roger touching the acid and melting his hand off, with a white chalk circle drawn around the spot and an arrow pointing to it.) (message: Scott: And we can all see the result of that mistake. image: Roger flops over and dies again.) (message: Mark: I don't know about you, Scott. Personally, I like to know exactly what I'm messing with before I actually mess with it. I guess he'll know better next time. Ouch.) (still shot: A death's head of Roger melting into a pool of acid. message: Sure, you've died a few deaths before, bit this one really burns you. Planets are depending on you. Seeing you do stuff like this is definitely making them nervous.)

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