(Strange Boy: Hey! Stranger! Come join me! The water is wonderful, and I can show you the way to the next island!) (Alexander: Good day. I'm Alexander. What are you doing in the sea?) (Strange Boy: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm swimming! <ahem> I mean... come join me! The water's wonderful! I can show you the way to the next island!) (Strange Boy: Come on! Jump in! A little water won't hurt you.) (Strange Boy: Come join me, if you're brave enough!) (Strange Boy: What are you waiting for? I said I'd show you how to get to the next island, didn't I?) (message: Considering the poor condition of the shore, it looks like the easiest way to get into the water is to just jump off the pier.) (Alexander prepares to dive...) (...then jumps out...) (...down into the water.) (Strange Boy: Glad you could join me! Ha, ha, ha!) (message: The powerful currents grab Alexander. Struggle as he might, he feels himself being pulled out to sea.) (Strange Boy: Tee, hee, hee! Not a very good swimmer, are you?) (Alexander: <glub> Help me!) (Strange Boy: Sorry! I think not! Tee, hee!) (message: As his head submerges for the third time, Alexander finds himself pondering the wisdom of going out on a limb for a stranger.) (message: Alexander couldn't handle those currents. That boy must be an unbelievably strong swimmer!)

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