(Strange Lady: Why do you make such an effort to climb the cliffs, young man? The Winged Ones who live on this island have the power of flight.) (Strange Lady: You can have it too if only you would eat a berry from this magical flying nightshade bush!) (The strange lady pops a berry in her mouth...) (...and flies around a bit.) (Strange Lady: See? The sweet berries will make you float like a petal on the wind! Try some!) (Strange Lady: Come, stranger, trust me! Think of what I'm offering you!) (Strange Lady: Young man, you offend me! I try to help you, and you insist on being rude!) (Alexander: But... who are you, matron?) (Strange Lady: Who cares? Er... I mean, I am only a poor old woman who wishes you well, handsome stranger. Think of me as your grandmama, if you like.) (Alexander: How can this plant give the power of flight?) (Strange Lady: Listen, son! I'll be happy to answer any questions you like, but only if you at least taste these delicious berries.) (Alexander: All right. I'll try some of your berries.) (Alexander goes over and pops one of the berries in his mouth.) (Strange Lady: Oh, goody! Eat quickly, dear boy, and I'll show you the way to the lord and lady of this isle!) (Alexander: Wha...? <choke>) (Alexander keels over backwards...) (...and falls slowly...) (...dead on the ground from the berries' poison.) (Strange Lady: Hee, hee, hee! Slightly BITTER, pretty one?) (message: And then there's some land I have for sale in the death bogs of Tamir...)

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