(Fake Celeste: Ah! You are a human only and not the monster himself! I heard you coming and thought you were the beast. Did my father send you here to save me?) (Alexander: Why, yes, he did, but how did you...?) (Fake Celeste: Hush! There is no time! I think I have discovered the minotaur's secret exit from the catacombs. Follow me, and we'll both be saved!) (Fake Celeste: There you are! Why do you not follow me? Do you wish for death by the minotaur? Hurry! We can tarry no longer!) (Fake Celeste: So, here you still are! You are a coward and a fool! I leave you to your fate!) (The fake Celeste angrily shakes her fist at Alexander...) (...and storms away.) (Alexander: That's odd. Where did she...) (Alexander looks down at the pit beneath his feet...) (...waves ''bye-bye''...) (...and plummets down...) (...to the bottom of the pit.) (Alexander: GOOOOoooooooo?) (message: Don't just wander, Alexander! Let your conscience be your guide.)

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