(message: Alexander hears the sound of a wild beast again -- this time so loud that the creature itself seems to be in the same room with him.) (message: The noises are coming from the other side of the east wall.) (message: Too bad Alexander has no way to see what's on the other side of that wall.) (message: The sounds shift direction and become louder to the south.) (message: The sounds get louder still, now coming from the west.) (Alexander: Uh, oh.) (Minotaur: <growl> Intruder, eh? URMM, good! Just in time -- for DINNER!) (Alexander's eyes widen as the minotaur approaches him.) (Alexander: Let's not be hasty now...) (The minotaur stabs its horns into Alexander's body...) (...lifts Alexander up over its head...) (...and tosses him backwards.) (Alexander goes flying...) (...down to the ground...) (...where he lands in a heap, dead.) (message: Caught in a blind alley! If only Alexander could have seen what was coming...)

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