(message: As Alexander continues down the path, he gets the strange feeling that he's being watched.) (Strange Man: Come on over and see what I'm doin' with these flowers. Never mind that stone fella on top of the gate. He won't hurt you any -- he's just there to scare you.) (Strange Man: Come on through, I say! I can show you a path through the forest.) (Strange Man: Look, there's no point in hanging out here all day! I can show you the wonderous castle that lies in the middle of the island. Don't be so timid!) (Alexander: I'm Alexander of Daventry. Who are you?) (Strange Man: What difference does it make? Just come on over here. I'll tell you my life history, if you still want to hear it. <hee>) (Alexander: Tell me...) (Strange Man: If it's conversation you want, just come on over here. I'll talk your ears off if we can sit down and talk face-to-face.) (Alexander starts to walk through the gate.) (The stone archer pulls back his bow...) (...and lets fly the arrow into Alexander's body.) (Alexander falls forward...) (...dead on the ground.) (Strange Man: Ha, ha, ha! Got you this time!) (message: That move was slightly arrow-neous!)

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