(Druid 1: Great gods! Did you see that? That man just appeared from nowhere!) (Druid 2: Perhaps he was sent by the spirits! I see no boat.) (Druid 1: He's an intruder, no matter how he got here! Grab him!) (Alexander: Not again! Look, I'll leave. It's no problem...) (Druid 1: I think not. Let's go.) (message: Alexander is frozen at the spectacle before him; robed figures are gathered around a bonfire. Some mystical ceremony is taking place, but as to its purpose, Alexander has no clue.) (Druid 2: We found a trespasser on the beach, Arch Druid!) (message: Uh, oh! Arch Druid? Now what has Alexander wandered into?) (Arch Druid: This must be the foreigner we were warned about. How appropriate that he should come during our Rain Festival. Place him in the sacrificial cage!) (Alexander: Wait! I must rescue the princess!) (Arch Druid: There's an ancient Druid saying: ''A man who would save others must first save himself!'') (The Druids drag Alexander along...) (...and shove him into the cage.) (message: Alexander is pushed into the confining wicker cage.) (The Arch Druid gestures to the others with his arm.) (message: And the cage is swung out over the bonfire!) (We see a close-up of Alexander in the wicker basket suspended over the fire.) (message: Alexander starts to feel a little warm.) (message: The bottom of the cage is getting uncomfortably hot.) (message: Mercifully, Alexander passes out from the heat before the first tongues of flame ignite the wicker.) (Alexander's skin burns from the heat...) (and he starts to melt...) (...and collapse...) (...sprawled dead on the floor of the wicker cage.) (message: That was a bit too hot to handle! Alexander should have been better prepared.)

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