(Boy Ghost: Mother? Mother, where ARE you?) (Boy Ghost: MOTHER! MOTHER! WHERE ARE YOU?) (message: Alexander stands by helplessly as the ghost's wails grow louder.) (Alexander: Psst! Little boy! Be quiet!) (Boy Ghost: WAA! MOTHER, WAA!) (message: Uh, oh! The ghost's wailing has attracted the guards! Alexander hears the sound of footsteps in the hall.) (Guard 1: I tell you, I heard somethin'. I'm checking it out.) (Guard 2: You and your ghosts! There's nothin' in there, I say!) (Alexander: Um... hi.) (Guard 1: I don't believe this! It's an intruder, and he's already put himself in the dungeon!) (Guard 2: Bones! Some humans can be really dumb! Well, shut the door then. Let's lock him in and go tell the vizier.) (Guard 1: Right. <titter> Thanks for savin' us some work, human!) (Guard 1: Let's post extra guards, though. That wailin' made me nervous.) (Guard 2: Right. We'll get Scratch to guard the hall and watch the door. HE's not afraid of no ghosts!) (message: Just as Alexander realizes that he has no possible means of escape, he hears the sound of wedding music playing somewhere in the castle.) (Alexander: Confound this dungeon! I'll never be able to stop the wedding now!) (still shot: Alexander looking out through the cell door window. message: 'Tis a noble thing to have a means of escape, and 'tis a far, far better thing to never get caught at all!)

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