(Alexander gets tossed into the cell...) (...and lands sprawled on the floor.) (Bay: You'll stay here until we find out what the vizier wants to do with you!) (message: The guard dogs leave Alexander to his fate, locking the door noisily behind them.) (message: The sound of running footsteps echo outside Alexander's cell...) (Bay: What are you doin' down here, Shrew? We've already got him locked up. Go back to your post upstairs!) (Shrew: The vizier wanted to know what all the commotion was about, and I told him about the intruder. He told me to post extra guards on this one!) (Bay: Extra guards, eh? So be it.) (message: Just as Alexander realizes that he has no possible means of escape, he hears the sound of wedding music playing somewhere in the castle.) (Alexander: Confound this dungeon! I'll never be able to stop the wedding now!) (still shot: Alexander looking out through the cell door window. message: 'Tis a noble thing to have a means of escape, and 'tis a far, far better thing to never get caught at all!)

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