The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 2 - Xenon Orbital Station

Standard "Thanks For Playing" Messages

Another senseless tragedy. You can help prevent this. Vote yes on Lobotomies for Adventure Game Designers. Thank you for playing Space Quest II, Roger Wilco. You've been most entertaining.

It has been a pleasure watching you play Space Quest II.

Thanks for playing. You've been very entertaining.

Way to go, wing nut! Once again you've demonstrated your inability to sustain life. You quickly glance about the room to see if anyone saw you blow it. Thank you for playing Space Quest II, Roger Wilco. You've been swell to watch. Have a nice day.


On the screen you start on, walk off of the platform into space.

Due to an obvious lack of common sense you have stepped off the edge, lost your magnetic grip of the ship, and drifted to your death.


Walk out of the locker room without taking off your EVA suit first.

Boss: You've got a lot of nerve coming in here with your EVA suit on, Roger Wilco! That's the last straw. Turn in your mop. You're fired!

Well, Roger Wilco, you certainly didn't get off to a good start. Better luck next shift.

Keep up the good work, Roger Wilco.


Walk off the edge of the yellow elevator on the station.

You're into the game barely 3 minutes and already you've nimbly stepped to your death. How far down your family tree did knuckles last play an important role in locomotion? Watch your step next time.


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