The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

What is Space Quest?

For those few of you who have stumbled on this site, and have no clue what Space Quest is, or who this Roger fellow is and why anyone would want to kill him off, I offer this info page.

Space Quest is a kooky series of sci-fi themed graphic adventure games from Sierra On-line. In them you play the part of Roger Wilco, a somewhat clueless space janitor. Armed only with bottomless pockets, a large amount of completely dumb luck, and a knack for locating the nearest broom closet, you have to save yourself, your friends, and/or the universe (depending on what game you're playing) from the relevant bad guy/gal(s). Along the way you'll get stranded on explore countless weird planets and get insulted by meet countless strange alien beings.

And, this being a Sierra game, you'll also get killed off countless times. I'm the kind of person who loves to poke through my computer games thoroughly, trying to find out every little weird comment, or easter egg, or what have you. And since you can die in Sierra games, I added finding all of the possible deaths to my personal poking-around list while starting to play the Space Quest games. Upon discovering the Space Quest fandom, I noticed that while there were plenty of pages listing the various references, easter eggs, little secrets and the like, it seemed like nobody had ever made a list of all the deaths in the games, despite the fact that it seemed to be a fairly popular topic on occasion in the forum I frequent, the Subspace Channel. I did eventually find some lists on the Sierra Gamers fansite, but they only had ones for SQ1, 2, and 6.

So I decided that since I had all of the games, and large amounts of free time, maybe I should try coming up with a list for everyone.

(Warning... a long, and probably boring, clarification follows. Feel free to skip right down to "And thus, this website was born." It's OK, I'll understand.)

I started thinking about how I wanted to do this. At first I considered making up just a simple list and posting it to the Channel. But then I decided that maybe something a little more permanent might be useful, so that people who didn't frequent the forum could see it. So I decided to make a document/webpage. I thought about asking the webmaster of the Virtual Broomcloset if he might be interested in hosting said webpage when I was done with it. But I then I realized that would mean I'd either have to finish the whole thing first, which would take a while, or I'd have to ask him to update it whenever I found something new, and I didn't want to bother him. So I decided to host it myself. But I somehow felt kind of silly about the idea of having one little Space Quest page floating around among my Space Cases and Babylon 5 pages. So I figured that as long as I was going to make a webpage, I might as well go all out and make a whole website with lots of cool screenshots. That way people who didn't have the games could still get a chuckle out of the various death scenes.

And thus, this website was born. (If you're still awake, then you probably just skipped right to this point. Good choice.) If you're wondering, I do like poor Roger, I just think the death scenes in the games are all incredibly funny. Chalk it up to my demented sense of humor. (Don't worry, I'm quite harmless in real life.)

Hopefully by this point my description of the games (and possibly this website, if you've surfed through it) has piqued your interest. Unfortunately the games are no longer available in stores. However, there are always copies of each of the various games available on eBay, and probably on other auction/game trading sites as well. If you're interested in a free sample of the Space Quest universe you can try either downloading the playable self-contained demo for SQ6, or an excellent fan-made game called the Lost Chapter (the deaths of which are also included in this site).

Or you can decide that none of this interests you at all. In which case, you are free to go back to the place from whence you came with my blessing. Oh, and that genetically engineered insurance salesman that shows up at your door will have nothing to do with me. Nothing whatsoever.

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