(message: Alexander hears someone coming.) (Gnomes: Five fierce guards of the isle we be! ''Watch for a foreign man,'' said he! With ears and nose, tongue, hands, and eyes. Its nature cannot be disguised. If man it be, then man it dies!) (Gnomes: Listen! Hark you, Grovernor! Do your duty as you swore. With your ears, please tell us more.) (Grovernor removes his earplugs. ) (His ears perk up as he hears Alexander.) (He waves his arms up...) (...and down in consternation.)

(wait too long to give an item)

(Grovernor: My ears can't miss that strong heartbeat! A man it is, a man we greet!)

(give the gnome the wrong item)

(message: Alexander holds the item out for the gnome with the immense ears.) (Grovernor: My ears can hear nothing so clear, as the sound of a man standing here!)

(play the flute)

(message: Alexander plays the flute for the gnome with the huge ears.) (Alexander dances a bit as he tootles out a tune on the flute.) (Grovernor: A flute, it's true, is a harmless thing, but the man who blows it -- there's the sting!)

(Gnomes: A man, a man, so say our ears! We shall send him to his bier!) (The gnomes swing Alexander by the arms and legs...) (...up...) (...out...) (...around...) (...and tossed through the air. ) (He goes flying out to the ocean...) (...and lands in the water...) (...with a splash.) (message: The gnomes toss Alexander too far out into the sea for him to get his footing! The currents drag him under!) (Alexander is lost under the waves.) (message: Guess those gnomes couldn't reach a con-SENSES!)

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