The Many Deaths of Prince Alexander
"Double, double, toil, and now we're in trouble!"

What is King's Quest?

For those few of you who have stumbled on this site, and have no clue what King's Quest is (I guess there maybe might be like, one person, or something...), this page is for you. (If you're more interested in why on Earth anyone would create a death scene shrine, my Space Quest info page will be more enlightening.)

King's Quest is a series of fantasy-themed graphic adventures from Sierra On-Line. In them you play the part of the various members of the royal family of Daventry, King Graham and Queen Valanice, and their children, Prince Alexander, and Princess Rosella, as they go about rescuing fair lasses (and, er, rescuing themselves from brainwashed laddies), gathering up all sorts of strange magical treasures, meeting up with all manner of odd fairy tale creatures, spinning magic spells, fighting against evil witches, wizards, dragons, and volcanoes, and generally doing lots of stuff other than running a kingdom. But since these are adventure games and not the latest Sid Meier simulations, we'll forgive them that small oversight.

Unfortunately the series is no longer available in stores (as is the case with most adventures, sadly). However, if surfing through these death scene sections piques your interest enough to want to find copies of the games, you can most likely easily find them on eBay and other similar auction stores. You can also get a free taste of the games by downloading some excellent remakes of KQ1 and KQ2 from Tierra Entertainment, and don't forget to keep your eye on the promising looking Unofficial King's Quest 9 project.

Or you could decide that none of the this really interests you much at all. In which case, I'll let you take your leave with my blessing. In fact, I'll even give you a few of these nice cookies to take with you... uh, just ignore the stray cat hair, it's harmless, really.

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