(message: You have a feeling you shouldn't have pressed that button.) (Roger's escape pod comes hurtling out of a rainbow-colored portal into a quaint medevial scene.) (The escape pod crashes into a cliff-side and explodes.) (message: Ouch! I think we've got some serious organ damage here! All of them, of course, could be easily replaced in the time period from which you've just arrived. However, a quick scenery check reveals that you are in Dark Ages. The only transplant you'll get here is from carcass to spit over flame.) (message: As you draw a few final lungfuls of oxygen through your newly-acquired sucking chest wound, you gleefully notice that your final resting place is near beautiful Nottingham Castle - universally renowned for its inclusion in Sierra's ''Conquests of the Longbow''.) (message: Oh, my goodness! You're shocked to hear some highly inflammatory language making its way into your auditory canals. Must be some uncivilized ruffians in the nearby pub.) (still shot: The Grim Reaper holding Roger in his bony grasp. message: Well, you're dead again. We even warned you not to push that button. You have no one to blame but yourself for having to sit through a plug for another fine Sierra product. Maybe you'll follow directions next time. Thanks for playing (and all that stuff).)

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