The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 1 VGA - Escape Pod

Launch the escape pod without buckling the seat belt first.

Buckle up for safety, buckle up.


Launch the escape pod without opening the bay doors first.

Guess those doors are as strong as they look.


Run out of fuel by taking too long to hit the Autonav button after you've left the Arcada.

Gee, all of a sudden the engines have grown quiet. Boy, you sure were zooming along for quite some time.

Of course, the zooming part is over now since you've run out of fuel. You'll just float along on inertia with no control of your attitude or destination.

Yep, you're still drifting hopelessly through space. Bummer, eh?

Hunger grows to a level where your body decides to start feasting on itself. In your last conscious thought it dawns on you that navigation of some sort might have been a big helper here.

The pain fades away along with any sense of belonging to the community of the living. You powerless pod drifts through space for eons, eventually being plowed by some primitive deep space probe. Knowing that your insurance deductible was much too high anyway, you gain a new appreciation for death.


Press the "Don't Touch" button after you've left the Arcada.

You have a feeling you shouldn't have pressed that button.

Ouch! I think we've got some serious organ damage here! All of them, of course, could be easily replaced in the time period from which you've just arrived. However, a quick scenery check reveals that you are in Dark Ages. The only transplant you'll get here is from carcass to spit over flame.

As you draw a few final lungfuls of oxygen through your newly-acquired sucking chest wound, you gleefully notice that your final resting place is near beautiful Nottingham Castle - universally renowned for its inclusion in Sierra's "Conquests of the Longbow".

Oh, my goodness! You're shocked to hear some highly inflammatory language making its way into your auditory canals. Must be some uncivilized ruffians in the nearby pub.

Well, you're dead again. We even warned you not to push that button. You have no one to blame but yourself for having to sit through a plug for another fine Sierra product. Maybe you'll follow directions next time. Thanks for playing (and all that stuff).


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