(message: A nice slug of water would hit the spot right about now.) (message: The heat of this place sure can dehydrate a person. You'd better get something to drink pretty darn soon.) (message: Holy antiperspirant, dehydroman! The searing heat and dryness of this enviroment sucks the vital fluids from your body. You mind begins to drift uncontrollably.) (message: Roger: Mommy! Is that you? Mommy, how come all the other guys in class get new mops and I don't?) (message: Mercifully (for all of us), you die before the hallucinations get too hokey. It won't be long before you look like a scaled-down version of the skeletal structure occupying several hectares nearby.) (Roger grasps his throat and flops to the ground.) (still shot: The Grim Reaper holding Roger in his bony grasp. message: Within a few hours, your gaunt corpse will have dried to a crisp, your powdered remains evenly distributed across the parched terrain by a searing gust.)

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