(message: Bartender: Listen, Mac, I shouldn't serve you any more. You're sledged! You'd better go sleep it off or something before you start making a public display of yourself. Dialogue choice: Gimme anudder un, ya jerr-erk!) (message: Bartender: Here ya go.) (Roger tilts his head back to down the beer and the rest of his body goes with it.) (message: Whoa!) (Roger bounces back up the bar like a yo-yo.) (message: You wisely (although somewhat belatedly) decide to heed the bartender's advice.) (Roger staggers towards the bar exit.) (Roger keels over outside the bar.) (A not-so-nice looking alien heads over towards Roger.) (message: You stagger out of the bar after ignoring the bartender's advice. You're so sledged that you don't even notice that you're about to become prime prey for the many parasitic life forms in the area. You quickly pass out due to your low Keronian Ale tolerance.) (still shot: A creepy looking mortician standing next to a coffin. message: While your body tries to sleep it off you lose every possession you own. Soon, your body is stripped for parts. Obviously, you don't make it through the night.)

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