(Roger stands under a mushroom.) (The mushroom reaches down and snatches him up.) (The mushroom smiles.) (message: Holy geez, boy! That mushroom thing sucked you clean up! You can't move a muscle nor see a speck of light.) (message: You begin feeling waves of tingling, warmth, and moisture. Suddenly it's not so bad in here. Wow. Check out the colors, dude.) (message: Your body and mind enjoy the short-lived buzz that is a side-effect of the lethal poison you now marinate in. You are oblivious to the end. Not a bad way to go, actually.) (message: But it sure is early in the game. I had high hopes for you. They said, ''Who? Roger Wilco? Not a chance! That chump won't last twenty minutes!'') (message: I said ''No way! Roger Wilco isn't THAT lame!'' So anyway, don't make ME look stupid TOO.)

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