(message: Oh, no! One of the cells is opening. Who knows what unspeakable horror waits behind those steel bars?) (A big, black, spiny alien plants a big smootch on Roger.) (message: OH, YUCK!! The dark and spiny beast with massive red lips grabs you up and, after a longing glance, proceeds (don't read further if the phrase ''French kiss'' bothers you) to plant a very moist french kiss on you. You are left quite stunned.) (message: You are suddenly wracked by excruciatingly violent pain! It feels as if your body is trying to turn inside-out.) (Roger writhes in pain.) (A green alien comes bursting out of Roger's stomach.) (The green alien runs off, leaving Roger's dead body behind.) (message: After gaining freedom from its flesh fortress, the odd little alien runs away leaving you lying on the floor like a used, over-sized placenta. A darn tough, yet unique, way to go. That should teach you not to be sucking face with alien beings in the future.)

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