(The wallbot approaches Roger as the basket cooks and the sprinklers flow.) (message: You have made the mistake of getting within what looks to be a cattle-prod's length of the metal menace.) (message: An electrical contact connected to an extension arm reaches from its body and makes contact with you. That's when you begin feeling the intense burst of electrical current pulsing through your body. You quickly black-out.) (The wallbot zaps Roger.) (message: While receiving a nice hosing yourself, the basket fire is extinguished. Seconds later a loud series of pops is followed by the smell of fried electronics.) (message: Unfortunately it's too late for you!) () (message: The sprinklers sense accomplishment and cease operation.) (message: As you can see, you amount to little more than a hill of laser-fried beans. You've come a long way only to be torched. Keep up the fine work.)

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