(message: Random Cadet: Hey! Watch it with that thing!) (message: Random Cadet: Watch out!) (message: Random Cadet: Do you *mind*, Monkey Boy? Watch where you're going!) (message: Random Cadet: Scrub the floor, not me, Monkey Boy!) (message: Random Cadet: I see that you pilot one of those almost as well as you drive a trainer, Wilco.) (message: Random Cadet: Ouch!) (message: Random Cadet: You moron!) (message: Random Cadet: Watch where you're going!) (message: Quirk: You buffoon! You can't even scrub a floor without a road map! It's obvious you're not Academy material.) (message: Quirk: Pack your bags, Wilco. You're taking a little trip!) (Roger gets shot out into space in a tiny escape capsule.) (still shot: Roger standing all heroic-looking. message: StarCon Academy is no place for slackers.)

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