(message: If this pod ran on stupidity you'd have nothing to worry about. As it is, you've exhausted your fuel supply and are caught in the gravity well of a nearby planet. The rest of your life should prove to be short but interesting.) (Roger's EVA pod streaks through the sky like a falling star.) (message: Slep: Ah look, Crumpella, a shooting star. Make a wish.) (message: Crumpella: OK, Slep. I wish...) (message: Crumpella: I wish...) (message: Crumpella: I wish we would discover someone else out there among the stars...) (message: Slep: Don't be silly, Crumpella! Everyone knows there's no intelligent life out there!) (still shot: Roger standing all heroic looking. message: Fuelish human! You ran out of gas!)

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