(message: You briefly consider trying to ride the creature, but then you take a long look at those horns that line its back. Not a good idea. How the Pleborians ever rode these things, you'll never know. Besides, the Pleborians were a quite small race. I think you'd break this thing's back, geez, look at the size of you!) (message: Then again, you know what you're doing. You believe in going with those ''first instincts''. So you move around to a good spot and climb on the Horq.) (message: YOUCH!!) (Roger flops over off the horse and dies.) (message: As you sat on the Horq, the very obvious horns on its back sink into your, well, umm, your nether region.) (message: In pain, shock, and alarm, you dive off the Horq, but alas, it was too late.) (message: The spikes sank deep into your internal organs and cause you to bleed to death, after you smash your face into the soil upon landing.) (message: You die slowly. The pain extremely bad. But at least you weren't eaten.) (message: Until after you died, that is.)

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