(message: As you get further into the cave you hear something rustling above you.) (message: You get a very bad feeling. Like the time you stuck your finger in that socket on the Arcada.) (message: Something drops on top of you from above.) (message: It feels like heavy cords wrap around you.) (message: Just then you figure out what it is.) (message: It appears your one-eyed friend, if he even has one eye, you don't know, from the cave ceiling decided to stop you from nosing around his premises.) (message: Apparently he has a few more tentacles than the one with the eye. All of which seem to be tightening around you.) (message: You are lifted off the ground and the tentacles continue to tighten.) (message: You catch a brief glimpse of the eye glaring at you as your bones start to snap loudly, and painfully.) (message: Shortly thereafter you pop like a balloon and spread body juices everywhere.) (message: It's quite messy.) (message: Your lifeless mass of flesh is dropped onto the cave floor, eventually to turn to dust.) (message: Nice job, Rog.) (message: At this rate you'll be outta here in about two or three hundred years.) (message: As by then the last remnants of your decomposed body might have blown out the cave entrance.)

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