(message: Accompanied by a strange rumbling, you notice something bursting out of the sand.) (message: OH MY! That thing doesn't look friendly. Watching the creature's tentacles approach, you briefly consider what you could do to persuade this thing that you wouldn't make a good meal, but alas, you do not have the time. The tentacles wrap around you and begin pulling you down. Could this creature be just lonely and looking for friends? You quickly find out the answer.) (The cave tentacle grabs Roger and eats him.) (message: Well, the tentacled creature apparently ain't interested anything other than an early dinner. Stunned by the speed, not to mention the force of the grip, of your new friend, you hardly even feel your back break as you are pulled through the creature's lair entrance. Maybe you should be more careful.) (message: In case you are wondering, you are quite dead, but if it's any consolation, your underwear stuck somewhere in the creature's innards, and being nearly indestructable they cause an unending pain for the next 100 or so years.)

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