The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest: The Lost Chapter - Planet Underwater

Dive before figuring out how to breathe underwater and drown.

You're getting low on air. Your lungs are about as out of shape as you are, and they can't hold much of anything, including air.

You just couldn't stay under any longer. The swamp water fills up your lungs and they pretty much explode in your chest from lack of air.

Perhaps if you had a way to breathe while underwater you'd be able to swim around under here, but as it is, Roger, you're as dead as the Orat back on Kerona.


Get eaten by the Tiny Terror Fish.

For a little fish, that Tiny Toothed Terror Fish has a big mouth, it chewed you up with no problem.

Well, you made a nice meal for the pretty fish.

Next time maybe you won't rush into places before checking for man-eating fishies.


Get eaten by a cave tentacle.

Accompanied by a strange rumbling, you notice something bursting out of the sand.

OH MY! That thing doesn't look friendly. Watching the creature's tentacles approach, you briefly consider what you could do to persuade this thing that you wouldn't make a good meal, but alas, you do not have the time. The tentacles wrap around you and begin pulling you down. Could this creature be just lonely and looking for friends? You quickly find out the answer.

Well, the tentacled creature apparently ain't interested anything other than an early dinner. Stunned by the speed, not to mention the force of the grip, of your new friend, you hardly even feel your back break as you are pulled through the creature's lair entrance. Maybe you should be more careful.

In case you are wondering, you are quite dead, but if it's any consolation, your underwear stuck somewhere in the creature's innards, and being nearly indestructable they cause an unending pain for the next 100 or so years.


Get eaten by a gelatinous creature.

The strange transparent Gelatinous creature immediately was drawn to you.

Must be your animal magnetism. Well, that or your lack of a shower.

While you stop to admire how pretty the creature is it begins to envelop you.

Perhaps it wants to warm you up in the cold swamp depths.



The creature takes you into itself and, seeing you as a nice, big, juicy morsel of food, it starts its very slow process of digestion. You of course die of suffocation long before the internal acids begin dissolving your flesh. Thank goodness for small graces.

You die looking out through the transparent body of your slayer, pounding uselessly as its gelatinous body.


Go too far south underwater and get eaten by clams.

These obviously aren't the nice, friendly clams you have encountered elsewhere. In fact, they are quite carnivorous, and rip relentlessly at your flesh.

You die quickly, but painfully, way to go Roger. Maybe you should respect the territories of the man-eating life in this swamp.


Go too far south underwater and get eaten by water snakes.

The strange-looking water snakes start nibbling at your flesh. They of course eventually kill you, and quite painfully too.

You die quickly, but painfully, way to go Roger. Maybe you should respect the territories of the man-eating life in this swamp.


Search the hole in the side of the cliff underwater. (SEARCH HOLE)

You decide to explore the strange-looking hole.

You stick your hand into the hole and poke around.

Something you janitors have down to a perfected science.

Oops, what's that, there seems to be something in there.

Monster: SHLURRRP!

Well, I don't think you'll be coming out of there. It's a shame you go carelessly sticking your hands into things, you should have known better.


Brush up against that infamous green octopus.

You brush past one of the large tentacles of the creature and you hear a low rumble.

The creature wakes at your presence and immediately grabs hold of you with a tentacle.

This does not look good.

Kinda like your hair right now.

The creature's tentacles begin to tighten around you.

As you realise the gravity of your situation you begin to panic.

Of course, you panicking is about as pretty as an Orat's behind.

In the brief seconds before you die you ponder the proliferation of tentacled hazards on this crazy planet.

You are crushed before you are taken to the chomping jaws of the huge creature.

The creature then slices and dices you in its immense mouth and you become a light snack.

If it's any consolation you don't satisfy the creature in the least, and the creature spends the next few days with its stomach grumbling.

Your small body having caused the gastric juices of the creature's body to start pumping, besides a bad case of heartburn, the creature gets gas as well.

You always do leave a lasting impression, don't you Roger.


Get eaten by a squid in the cavern behind where the Cave Tentacle used to be.

A huge underwater squid-like creature just made you its dinner. Its crushing jaws, hidden by its many tentacles, tears you to pieces. It wasn't pleasant.

All these tentacles, what's up with that?


Get eaten by a shark in the cavern behind where the Cave Tentacle used to be.

The huge fish easily catches you, since you have about as much swimming ability as the average rock, and proceeds to devour you.

The large teeth ripped you apart and you die in the creature's mouth long before you get into its stomach, which is a good thing, take my word for it, you wouldn't want to see what's in there.

Once again you've gone rushing into something else's domain without a thought, when are you going to learn?


Get the Puffy Fish, then jump in the water without sealing it up first.

Having completely submerged, water gradually seeps into your pants and onto your new friend, the puffy fish.

The puffy fish begins to stir and wriggle in your pants, apparently he is waking up.

The puffy fish is obviously awake now, however, on awakening to a confined, dark, and seemingly unfriendly place, the puffy fish begins to enlarge in your pants.

Well, it appears carrying around a puffy fish in your pants while swimming is a really bad idea.

Your body parts slowly drift to the bottom and are eaten by all variety of scavengers. Nice going, buddy.

At least you didn't drown!

The puffy fish swims away merrily on its way, you're in pieces, get with the program. Restore or something, you're dead, croaked, kicked the bucket, adios muchachos. What are you waiting on exactly?


Go too far down in the large cavern behind where the Terror Fish used to be and get eaten.

Yikes, whatever that was seemed to like how you tasted.

It seems one of the local cave inhabitants was feeling a little peckish and decided you would make a nice meal.

You had better be more careful next time you explore dark caverns.


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