(message: You brush past one of the large tentacles of the creature and you hear a low rumble.) (message: The creature wakes at your presence and immediately grabs hold of you with a tentacle.) (message: This does not look good.) (message: Kinda like your hair right now.) (message: The creature's tentacles begin to tighten around you.) (message: As you realise the gravity of your situation you begin to panic.) (message: Of course, you panicking is about as pretty as an Orat's behind.) (Roger's eyes open wide in shock just before he cringes and dies.) (message: In the brief seconds before you die you ponder the proliferation of tentacled hazards on this crazy planet.) (message: You are crushed before you are taken to the chomping jaws of the huge creature.) (message: The creature then slices and dices you in its immense mouth and you become a light snack.) (message: If it's any consolation you don't satisfy the creature in the least, and the creature spends the next few days with its stomach grumbling.) (message: Your small body having caused the gastric juices of the creature's body to start pumping, besides a bad case of heartburn, the creature gets gas as well.) (message: You always do leave a lasting impression, don't you Roger.)

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