(message: Having completely submerged, water gradually seeps into your pants and onto your new friend, the puffy fish.) (message: The puffy fish begins to stir and wriggle in your pants, apparently he is waking up.) (The puffy fish starts swimming around in Roger's pocket.) (message: The puffy fish is obviously awake now, however, on awakening to a confined, dark, and seemingly unfriendly place, the puffy fish begins to enlarge in your pants.) (Roger's pants start bulging wildly, then he explodes.) (message: Well, it appears carrying around a puffy fish in your pants while swimming is a really bad idea.) (message: Your body parts slowly drift to the bottom and are eaten by all variety of scavengers. Nice going, buddy.) (message: At least you didn't drown!) (message: The puffy fish swims away merrily on its way, you're in pieces, get with the program. Restore or something, you're dead, croaked, kicked the bucket, adios muchachos. What are you waiting on exactly?)

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