(message: You use your interfering expertise and overall button-pushing prowess. You push a few buttons and then you hear the machine start up.) (message: A beam of energy shoots out of the machine.) (message: You feel funny.) (Roger melts into a messy puddle.) (message: The strange energy bounces off the flat surface of the machine and bombards your body. It immediately has a very unpleasant reaction to your flesh.) (message: As you are hit with the energy you almost instantly start melting like a cryo-freeze popsicle in the Keronian sun.) (message: Even your bones turn to jelly and you slop onto the floor, dead as Jell-o.) (message: The process was very quick, but equally as painful.) (message: You'd have screamed if your tongue hadn't liquified and slid out of your mouth.) (message: The mess you made on the floor will baffle the aliens down here for weeks.) (message: Way to go.)

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