The Many Deaths of...
"Death is an entertaining business."

Updated: September 28th, 2003: Added new deaths and mp3s to the King's Quest 6 section.

It's happened to us all. There you are, happily playing your computer game, when, suddenly... BAM! You screw up and your character dies. Grumbling, you watch as the "Restart, Restore, Quit?" screen comes up, and you pray you have a recent save. So, death sucks, right?

Well, not always...

Sometimes a game designer understands. Understands that you're gonna die at some point in their game, and it's going to piss you off. Understands that maybe if they make the death scenes really cool to watch, it'll take some of the sting out of losing.

This is a shrine to those game designers, and their games. To those games where death is as much a thing of beauty as winning is. To those games where you find yourself dying on purpose sometimes just to goggle at the cool animations and witty messages.

But now I, the resident Diva of Death, have gone and killed off our dear game heroes and heroines so you don't have to. Or, at least, so you'll know all of the ways you can kill off your character yourself. And these are my galleries.

For an explanation of how this concept got started, and an assurance that I am not psychotic, I just have a demented sense of humor, check out my "What is Space Quest?" page.

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