(Cassima: Alexander! Be careful, Alhazred has a sword!) (Alhazred: Shut up, wench! SHAMIR SHAMAZEL!!! Get in here!) (Shamir: Here I am, Master!) (Alhazred: It's about time, you bumbling fool! How could you let him follow me?) (Shamir: Well, there were the guard dogs, Master, and then...) (Alhazred: NEVER MIND!! Just kill him -- kill him NOW!) (Shamir: <sigh> As you wish, Master.) (Shamir: RAZZLE DAZZLE, SNAP AND SNAZZLE...) (The genie does a wind-up...) (...and lets fly his energy spell.) (Shamir: SEND A BALL OF LIGHT TO FRAZZLE!) (The energy ball hits Alexander...) (...who crackles with the electricity...) (...as he falls to the ground.) (message: The dazzle ball hits Alexander!) (Cassima: Alexander, no!) (message: Genie, meenie, minie, moe... Alexander can't be slow!)

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