(after killing the genie)

(Alhazred: You killed my genie! You idiot! Don't you know how valuable he was? You fool!) (Alhazred: I'll kill you myself for that outrage!) (Alexander: So shall it be, Alhazred! I'm ready!)

(after capturing the genie)

(Alhazred: So you are a thief as well, Alexander? Stealing the lamp was very clever, I'll grant you that, but I am the master thief! Face my sword, if you dare! The man left standing shall have the lamp!) (Alexander: So shall it be, Alhazred! I don't need the genie to deal with a coward like you!)

(As the vizier approaches Alexander...) (...Alexander starts to dodge out of the way.) (The vizier swings his sword at Alexander's head...) (...and Alexander ducks underneath it.) (The two face off for another go.) (The vizier swings his sword at Alexander's legs this time...) (...and Alexander jumps over it.) (As they face off again, Alexander is finally caught off-guard...) (...and the vizier stabs his sword through Alexander's chest.) (Cassima: ALEXANDER! NO!) (The vizier pulls his sword from Alexander...) (...and Alexander topples backwards onto the ground.) (message: Touche! Alexander should have been on guard.)

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