(Roger fires his pulseray.) (message: Droid: Allow me to state the obvious. This is an entirely bullet-proof enviroment, designed to protect us from the acts of imbeciles who fire off rapid-action implements in an enclosed space. Nevertheless, don't do that again.) (Roger fires his pulseray again.) (message: Droid: Oh my, we are even below organic intellectual levels, aren't we? Don't tell me, let me guess, your race evolved from belly button lint. Well, let's get this over with and do evolution a favor.) (An anvil falls out of the ceiling.) (The anvil lands on Roger and squishes him.) (still shot: A couple of Sariens. message: Thank you for playing Space Quest I. Too bad you've failed miserably and doomed all of your people to a horrible death at the hands of the Sariens. You quickly glance about the room to see if anyone saw your silly mistake. Better luck next time.)

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