These pictures are from the 16-color version of SQ1VGA...
I'm not yet sure if you can do this in the 256-color version.

(message: Droid: Hmm... are you sure you don't already have your weapon? Organics like you have such a ''tricky'' memory. Are you sure you didn't do something silly like accidently eating it or something? Oh never mind. Don't overtax yourself. I'll just go check.) (The droid goes off to check.) (The droid comes back.) (message: Droid: As my supreme intellect suspected, another obvious organic life form error. Let me say this verrrryyyy sllloooowwwlllly, THERE ARE NO MORE WEAPONS FOR YOU.) (message: Droid: Oh dear, you again. Actually, looking at your past track record, I'm surprised you didn't take off your boot and start showing me that. I'd better do evolution a favor and prevent you from reproducing. Bye.) (An anvil falls out of the ceiling.) (The anvil squishes Roger.) (still shot: A couple of Sariens. message: Thank you for playing Space Quest I. Too bad you've failed miserably and doomed all of your people to a horrible death at the hands of the Sariens. You quickly glance about the room to see if anyone saw your silly mistake. Better luck next time.)

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