(message: OK.) (message: You grab the spicy-looking drink and gulp it in one shot.) (message: You begin feeling weird.) (message: The whole world turns crazy.) (message: You see more colors than on your SuperColor Multi-Mode Monitor.) (message: A strange burning starts in the pit of your stomach.) (message: You feel like all your internal workings are being screwed up.) (message: The burning gets worse. The pain become unbearable.) (message: You feel like your belly is on fire. It's even worse than that time you ate a jar of Jalapengian Mongo Peppers by accident.) (Roger catches on fire.) (message: You then burst into flame from the inside out and are rapidly burnt to a crisp.) (message: Your remains smell horrible and would give even the heartiest janitor one hell of a challenge.) (message: At least you went out in style.)

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