(message: Well, what have we here? It seems that upon passing near to you the wandering blobby noticed you weren't actually a Tormeenian.) (message: The blobby, with blinding speed and efficiency, rips off your Tormeenian outfit.) (message: He then looks at you funny and jumps on your head.) (message: This can't be good.) (message: Jumping onto your large head, the blobby proceeds to suffocate you as it spreads its body around you.) (message: You drop to the ground after a brief and futile struggle. The blobby then settles itself on top of you and proceeds to suck all the nutrients from your fluid-filled Xenonian body.) (message: You're just a can of Vaporade to this guy, and he's gonna suck every last drop out of your lifeless husk.) (message: Nice going Roger. You should know better than to try to fool all of the people all of the time.) (message: Silly Xenonian. Tricks are for kids. Only brains will get you through a sequel.)

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