(message: You press the red button and hear a weird noise come from the north.) (message: Apparently that was a force field protecting the inner chamber.) (message: This does not look good.) (message: The force field having gone down, the wait begins to be sucked out into space.) (message: That's what happens when you open something in a vacuum, of which space is a huge one.) (message: You of course are sucked out right along with the air in the bay.) (Roger goes flying out into space.) (message: You are sucked right out into space, where unfortunately even mold in your lungs can't help you breathe.) (message: You freeze and suffocate in the immense cold and airless vacuum that is space.) (message: You die quick, but float forever as a Tormeenian- covered Xenonian icicle.) (message: You scare many a child on interstellar cruises.)

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