(message: All right. You keep shirking the advice of friendly narrators, so you'd better deal with the consequences.) (message: Well, you drop your adventurer's drawers and plant your hiney on the weird-looking and smelling, filthy toilet. There are three separate tubes on this thing, you guess to accommodate various forms of life.) (message: After about five seconds you start to feel a strange sensation on your skin. Hmmmm, it's all tingly.) (message: Just when you were about to decide whether the feeling was pleasurable or not, it being such a long time since you felt anything below the waist other than the urge to do what you are presently doing, the sensation suddenly turns into a sharp burning pain.) (message: Alarmed, you try to get off the toilet, but alas, it appears your behind has started to melt and is now firmly stuck to the seat.) (message: As you struggle in vain to free yourself, the burning spreads rapidly and you watch as all your hopes for the future melt and drip down into the foul drain.) (message: As your tears start streaming after witnessing the greatest loss any adventurer can ever sustain, your legs fall off and you begin a slow and very excruciating process of being sucked down the tubes.) (message: People always told you to watch where you put your butt, because you just might lose it. Only now does the advice ring true in your pain- riddled mind.) (message: You briefly recall that bully from Xenon who was always threatening to flush your @$$ down the toilet. Your uncanny skill at finding the nearest broomcloset always saved your hide, and incidentally enhanced your desire to become a janitor. How ironic that after avoiding it for years, you ended up doing it to yourself.)

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