(message: Well, having no idea what to do in the cell, and hence just wandering about doing absolutely nothing, you've not helped your cause. Which I can't remember anyway, so it really doesn't matter.) (message: However, with no information on you, and with lots on his mind, the Captain, having been informed of your treachery, orders your death.) (message: Of course your friend, the guy who booted you into this nice cell, rejoices at this news and drags you out of the cell to suffer weeks of torture and pain.) (message: You win a final victory however, as your weak body only survives about two days of the abuse heaped upon it by alien and machine alike.) (message: Your lifeless, battered, and smelly body is dumped out into space, to float forever in the void.) (message: With no air, there is no decay, so you float endlessly, bumped now and then by the odd meteor. Your body is even crashed into a few times by ships shuttling to and fro through the galaxy.) (message: Despite causing the occasional curse by angry pilots, you are a non-entity in this or any other timeline, due to the fact that you're long dead.)

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