(message: Well having no idea what to do in the cell, and hence just wandering about doing absolutely nothing, you've not helped your cause. Which I can't remember anyway, so it doesn't really matter.) (message: However, even though your DNA was scanned, the Tormeenian somehow never thought to question where you got the Xenonian DNA.) (message: Thus nobody onboard the Vercotron ever found out who you really were.) (message: Perhaps if you had ticked-off some other people onboard, word might have gotten around about a fat Tormeenian who was wandering around the ship. It might have lead to a little more interest in that Xenonian DNA.) (message: But then again maybe it was just inevitable that you'd find a way to get yourself killed.) (message: I mean such is life and all that.) (message: But I digress...) (message: In case you were wondering, you became quite popular as a prison guest, being the only pink one around and all.) (message: Everybody took to calling you Fat Pink Grat. But the order from the Captain to DEAL with you in a fatal manner came down due to your serious interference with their Laterfusion Bomb.) (message: The guards, who also took to kicking you around the Brig at lunch-time, were very disappointed.) (message: Some of them were heartened when they heard that the method of such dealings however, meaning the method of your disposal, was left to the guards' discretion.) (message: So upon the Captain's order the rather mean guard who took an instant disliking to you, and hurt your heiny more than once, took you up as his own personal Pet Project.) (message: He proceeded to test out new and painful ways of torture on you in the days after you arrest.) (message: Your screams filled the depths of the Vercotron, and you cried like a baby for mercy.) (message: The things done cannot be spoken aloud.) (message: Ever.) (A close-up of Roger being tortured mercilessly.)

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