The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 1 EGA - The Arcada

Standard "Thanks For Playing" Message

Thank you for playing Space Quest. Too bad you've failed miserably and doomed all your people to a horrible death at the hands of the Sariens. If you continue playing as skillfully as this, we'll never have a chance for a sequel. Better luck next time.


Don't escape before the ship self-destructs.

Gosh, Roger Wilco. It would appear you have met an untimely demise. With the explosive destruction of the Arcada you become part of a fresh collection of space debris.


Get discovered by Sariens or try to read the data cartridge right after you get it. (PUT CARTRIDGE IN SLOT)

The alien observes his handiwork briefly, then leaves.

As you lie on the floor in a smoldering, carbogelatinous heap you can't help but wonder why you bothered getting up this morning.


Enter the airlock without an EVA suit while the bay doors are open.

Roger: Oops! Forgot my suit.

That concludes your experiment involving the effects of total vacuum on the human body, Roger Wilco.


Walk out of the airlock doors.

Congratulations, Roger Wilco. You have found your way off the Arcada and escaped obvious danger.

Unfortunately, you will never been seen or heard from again as you float gracefully through the heavens for eternity.


Fall down the pod platform shaft.

Well, Roger Wilco, that was a smooth half-gainer. Did you decide that you would think more clearly with your brains re-organized?


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