The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 1 EGA - The Deltaur

Try to walk around the ship before you get a disguise.

You're toast!


Get discovered in the laundry room.

You hear footsteps coming from behind the door!

You've just been disintegrated by the Sarien's pulseray. Perhaps this will teach you not to loiter about on the Deltaur.


Try to fire the pulseray twice while still in the weapons room.

The droid explains that although he is not programmed for death, he considers it extremely rude to fire your weapon indoors. He cautions you against doing it again.

He did warn you!


Try to get a grenade twice while the droid is watching. (GET GRENADE)

Droid: I am sorry. You may not possess that device. That would be punishable by death.

Droid: I warned you.


Show the ID card to the droid three times.

The droid explains as he eliminates you that he is very sorry that you are incapable of remembering that you already own a gun, but that of course he has many customers to deal with and you really are a nuisance. Before you can reply to this, you realize that you no longer have the relevant body parts with which to reply. Your last seconds of agony are spent hearing the phrase, "Next please."


Show the droid your ID, steal a grenade while he's gone, then try to leave without getting your gun.

"Stop, thief!" shouts the droid as he notices you sneaking out suspiciously and observes that a gas grenade has been taken. Before you can explain that you were just taking it outside for a better look, the droid evaporates you.


Drop the grenade anywhere but in the Star Generator room. (DROP GRENADE)

Obviously, this was not the smartest thing you've done today. You have once again demonstrated that a janitor's place is not in space.


After you've lost your disguise, get shot by a Sarien before you can shoot them.

(Message 1) Geez Roger Wilco! Go take some marksmanship courses and come back and give it another try in a couple of months. OK?

(Message 2) You've just been reduced to micro-particles by the alien's pulseray. You'll have to be quicker on the draw than that Roger Wilco.


After you've lost your disguise, get zapped by a robot droid.

If the robot droid could laugh, which it is not programmed to do, it would do so. Your pulseray is only effective against living opponents!

You've just been disintegrated by contact with the robot droid.


Fall off of the walkway that leads to the escape pod.

Gee whiz, Roger Wilco! You could actually be a hero if you weren't so clumsy. Wise up.


After you've set the Star Generator to detonate, don't escape the ship before it blows.

Despite your valiant effort, you have been blown to eternity by the Star Generator itself.


Total number of ways to die: 38

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