The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 1 EGA - Ulence Flats

Get toasted by the slot machine by getting three skulls.

Machine: You lose, homeboy!

Luck's turn has cost you dearly. As life seeps away, you long for the simpler days aboard the Arcada.


Look at the ships at Tiny's, then enter the bar and win the money at the slot machine, then exit the bar. Follow the alien, then move in any direction except to the left.

Mugger: Say there, pal. It's come to my attention that you're in the market for some transportation.

Mugger: I may be able to help. If you'll follow me, I'd like to show you a fine little piece of machinery that'll knock your eyes out.

Mugger: Hold it right there, pal! This is a stick-up! I'll just relieve you of your cash, thank you very much.

Mugger: 250 buckazoids? I guess it's better than nothing. Here, keep five for yourself. I gotta admit you look like you need it.

Mugger: Well, you've got to be leaving now. Go straight back the way you came in. Deviate from that path and you're Grell kibble!

The mugger impresses upon you that he was quite serious.


Buy the wrong ship from Tiny's.

Tiny: Don't let appearances fool ya. This baby may be a relic, I mean, a classic, but she's as dependable as the day we got her. And just think, you'll be the only one in the quadrant with one. I guarantee it!

Tiny: She's a beaut, isn't she? This little baby can do a spin around the planet in just under an hour. Look at the lines in that body work. They just don't make 'em like this anymore, ya' know what I mean? And she's a real bargain at 185 buckazoids.

Tiny: I tell ya, I think you've made a wise decision. She's a beauty. The keys are in her. If you have any problems don't hesitate to come back and tell us about 'em.

Tiny: It's been a heckuva pleasure doin' business with you. Well, good luck. Come again!

You shell out the buckazoids and hop in. Anxiously, you fire it up and lift off.

Darn the luck, Roger Wilco. You've crashed in the dunes and ended your life. The various inhabitants of the Keronian desert are now feasting on what remains of you. Guess that wasn't such a hot purchase.


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