The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 1 EGA - Kerona Surface

Go too far out in the desert and get eaten by a Grell.

You have just become a vertical meal for the welcoming committee.


From the escape pod screen, go E, E, N, N, E, E, then stand in the middle of the screen and wait.

You hear a strange roar, like something traveling through the atmosphere at a very high rate of speed.

You have been driven into the ground like a flesh piton, Roger Wilco.


Look in the hole on the side of the cliff. (LOOK HOLE)

Alien: (burps)

Whatever is in that hole just enjoyed lunch - on you. This should teach you to be cautious when encountering alien holes.


Get blown up by the Sarien Spider Droid.

You have just been blown into bite-sized chunks by a Sarien spider droid.


Get turned into a plaything by Orat.

Orat: What have we here?

Orat has transformed you into a new source of recreation. You, of course, don't survive this treatment. It's tough to make friends around here.


Walk across the bridge too many times or walk off the side of a cliff.

You have travelled a long way only to die by carelessly stepping to your death. What a clod!


Go for too long without water and die of thirst.

(1st warning to drink something)

The heat is causing you to develop quite a thirst. A drink of water would certainly be most pleasant.

(2nd warning to drink something)

You are very much in need of water now. Your future will be a thing of the past without it.

(too late)

You're dead, Roger Wilco. You have died of dehydration. Within a few hours, your gaunt corpse will have dried to a crisp, your powdered remains evenly distributed across the parched terrain by a searing gust.


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