The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 5 - The Eureka

Open the airlock doors.

Nice move, Ace. Really spectacular.


Go to Nowhere by putting in random coordinates then beam out into space.

Handy Transporter Safety Tip #21: Beaming directly into deep space may cause serious injury or death.


Beam down to a planet where you're not supposed to go.

Way to go, Rog... you beamed down to an uninhabitable planet! Next time, pay more attention to your science officer.


Set the ship to self destruct and stay on the ship 'till the bitter end.
Set the ship to self destruct and try to beam out.

Droole: I'm sure you're gonna have a blast Captain, but we've gotta run!

You barely have time to whimper "Mommy" before the Eureka's self-destruct mechanism blasts you to microscopic space-hero remnants.


Remove the Power fuse in the maintenance tunnel.

There is a smudge on the diagram that partially obsures the writing next to this fuse. "_ower Supply" is all that's visible of the description.

Roger: Oops!

Guess that wasn't the right fuse to pull, Rog.


Remove the Life Support fuse in the maintenance tunnel.

The diagram claims this fuse is to the Life Support systems.

Warning! Deactivating life support may be hazardous to your health.


After you find Spike continue with the game without putting him in the habitube.

Cliffy: Captain, we're losin' hull integrity. There's a big hole in the garbage compartment! The hatch is gonna blow any second! We're all gonna die!

Sudden decompression sucks.


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