The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 1 VGA - The Arcada

Don't escape before the ship self-destructs.

Bad news travels fast - especially when it's in the form of a shock wave.

The explosion was pretty messy. It's a judgement call as to which one critically damaged you first. Was it the concussion? Or, maybe, the fragments of ship that were located more closely to the epicenter than yourself and attempted to escape THROUGH you?

Regardless of what got you first, enough molecular relocation (in bulk and in individual units) occured to forever alter your form and place in the universe.

Recompose yourself and let's see if we can't get off this scow more efficiently.


Get discovered by Sariens.

The aliens observe their handiwork briefly before looking for others to process in similar fashion.

As you lie on the floor in a smoldering, carbogelatinous heap, you just can't help but wonder why you bothered getting up this morning.


After you put on the spacesuit, go back up the elevator then go to the left.

You overhear a couple of strange guys conversing nearby.

Hey, flow through ventilation! You'd best avoid those guys in the future.


Enter the airlock without an EVA suit while the bay doors are open.

That concludes your experiment on the effects of vacuum on the unprotected human body. Wasn't that fun!


Fall off the walkway leading to the pod.

Does that artificial gravity do the job, or what?


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