The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
"The place where every day is a good day to die."

Space Quest 1 VGA - Outer Space

Input an invalid sector code three times or go to the wrong sector.

Robot: This is strange. The sensors are returning phantom images. There seems to be another ship in the vicinity, but its location is tough to pinpoint.

Hey! What's the deal with this guy. That was truly an unfriendly act. Perhaps you strayed into a sector you shouldn't have.


When the sector input screen comes up, press "OFF".

Robot: If it doesn't matter to you, we can go to CES (Cosmic Electronics Show) on Rudicube 3. I just love seeing all of those new, big, shiny robots. You could buy me a companion.

Robot: Course is plotted. Stand by for warp speed.

Robot: OH, NO!!! We're headed straight for an asteroid belt!

Those unexpected asteroid belts will get you every time. Now you know why your ship is, or was, the only one in this sector. Get a life (restore) and let's try to do this right.


When you arrive at the Deltaur, and the droid asks to leave, choose "OK".

Robot: Whoa! That's a Sarien battle cruiser! We'd better stand off. If we get any closer, they'll detect us for sure and we'll be space sputum!

Robot: Let's head on out of here, okay boss?

Dialogue choice: OK.

In the face of danger you decide to turn and run, leaving Xenon and the rest of the universe to fend for themselves against those bad boys of the universe, the Sariens. When things get tough, the cream rises to the top. I guess you know which stratum you occupy.


Exit the ship without having bought the jetpack.

As you undo your seatbelts and exit the escape pod, you can feel yourself just start to uncontrollably drift away.

You drift endlessly through space wishing you had worn a jetpack to maneuver with. As you drift away never to be seen again the only thing you can think of to say is "Mommy!".


Fly to any other place outside the
Deltaur besides the airlock entrance.

The inhabitants of this vessel apparently do not appreciate your desire to sight-see. I guess it's a good idea not to be wandering around the outside of this ship. You were a carbon-based being. Now you're just carbon.


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